Types of guys you should avoid

I have met many people, some I have loved and some I have had nothing more than absolute disgust. So these are the types of guys who I feel are not good enough for any woman. Any.

  • A man threatened by an independent woman who has the fucking capability to pay her own bills.
  • A man who calls a woman a bitch. He is not a man at all.(If you don’t like a person, don’t talk about her. Why abuse her?)
  • A man who sugarcoats his words and lashes out as soon as you are trying to be honest with him. While you didn’t point out what you felt was wrong, he was fine. Now when you do point out, he isn’t fine.
  • A Casanova, skipping from one girl to the next.
  • A dishonest person. A man without the truth is not a man at all.

That’s all I can contribute. If you have anything else you can add. Actually this applies to females too, not just male…


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