I did cheat in my school. And I feel terrible about it even now. Right now I am in an academically good positions which many would want (not showing off, just giving an insight into my life, without this info, you will not be able to understand my guilt). It was history examination. I did study a lot. But I am very bad in mugging up stuffs. So whatever I mugged up, the moment I saw the question paper, I went blank. Now I had to pass this exam, good grade in history was not my concern, I just needed to avoid flunking. So I did. I cheated from a boy sitting in front of me. And I passed.

But I still have the guilt. The guilt is that people will say that you reached the position wherever you are now by cheating. But this was the first and the last time I cheated. I never cheated before or after that. I was too full of guilt…



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