Face your fear… Its all in your head…

In one of my previous post “I am a bit frustrated…”, one of my fellow blogger friend said that he also had been depressed which made him delete all his social networking sites. You know what, this is how I was a few years back. When I was depressed, I used to delete all and be isolated. But somehow, I have realized, its all in our head. We see pictures or posts on social networking sites which may force us into being depressed. Its not our fault that we get depressed. Nor is it the fault of the social networking sites. It took me a month to get over this. I realized I feared that there might be some picture or post which will make me sad. Which is why I avoided going to the social networking sites. So this is what I did. I looked into the posts or pictures that made me sad. And I have cried over it. And I looked at them regularly. And cried. So much so that one day they mattered no more to me. From then on I have started to face my fears rather than ignoring them. If there are people who would taunt me, previously I would avoid them. Now I don’t. If they say anything which I don’t find good, I snap back. Simple.

We all need to get over our fear. Don’t run from it. The more you run, the faster it catches up with you. Face it. Soon, you will feel much more free…. 🙂


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