I have met many guys, but there is a thing which kind of confused me regarding one guy…

This guy was my classmate. He liked one of my girlfriends from the same class and asked her to be his girlfriend. She, on the other hand, did not have any feeling for him so she honestly told him that she can’t be with him. She never plays with people. Just because she is single now, she needs a man to play with… no that’s not her. So she was honest and did not pretend. He kept persuading, saying he will be single for life etc etc…. Again one day while texting he said those three clichéd words “I love you” to her via text (they were no longer magical as she has heard it from so many guys who didn’t even mean it). She did not want to mislead him, so she stayed firm. She did not reply to that text (you may call her rude but she had no other way, she knew the more she would extend the conversation, the more complex it would be). Just after one month of saying that she found that he has found another girl. Which meant that he was obviously lying when he said those three words. One thing about her is, she would never say anything which she cannot do. Now you may think that just because he moved on to someone else she will be jealous. No she is not, she wants him to be happy. But why pretence. I mean I know she was very worried when he said he will stay single for life. Basically her being worried was not required…

After that she met another guy who said he likes her (no idea if the guy is lying or not). But I doubt he does. Its just a phase for guys. If one genuinely loves you, he/she will wait for you for his/her whole life, and not find a substitute. This is my thought. But modernization has crept in. Waiting is bullshit for most people….


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