Lost a friend….

There is this guy in my friend group. He is not like normal guys. He is shrewd. Most guys are simple minded, talks in a straight way. But this guy isn’t. He taunts. He taunts about everything. He once tried to set me up with his friend. I refused. He taunted that. He wants things to be as he wishes. And mind you, these types of people are pretty dangerous. Initially we were good friends but later I realized his nature is not as he shows it to be. He has a clean image in public. Helping people, cracking joke etc etc. But his mentality sucks. For example, he wants a housewife. Why? So that she could take care of his family. So once I asked him what if the girl is passionate about something, won’t you let her do that? He said, I won’t get married to girls with ambition. I think he is threatened by women who are independent. What do you guys think? (Do comment, I need to know whether my analysis is correct or not) Knowing this, I started maintaining a distance from him. I don’t think I, being a female, can accept someone like him to be my friend. And he would go out with girls, and then leave them. In the meanwhile, the girl already has fallen in love with him. But would leave with a clean image. The girl will be shattered. He once asked me for movies too, long back, even before we became friends. I refused, after which we remained great friends. But I had no idea he was like this. It’s very casual for him. He kept on doing the same for females one after another. And then again discuss their misery with us. And the misery of these girls were visible on Facebook. Showing off how popular he is among the girls (which he truly is, I admit). After multiple such incidents, I had no respect left for him. The main ingredient of any relation is respect. If respect is gone, then the relation is meaningless….. But it pains to lose a friend.


4 thoughts on “Lost a friend….

  1. Sometimes a friend is not a person we respect or admire. Sometimes a friend is a person with who we can have a good time. More so, sometimes it’s just people who we are habitual of. They may have different opinions. Unless they do something which harms us ( emotionally / personally/ professionally) , they should remain that way.

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  2. I think that you should stay away from this guy. You don’t need people like him in your life. I have always kept negative people and assholes out of my life, I don’t need people like that in my life.


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