I am a bit frustrated…

I am really down these days… There is this cloud of sadness always over me. So many doubts. Career. Family. And one of the reason is that I see people around me living the life that I wanted and longed for. It is kind of disturbing me a lot lately. It’s like how come the things that I want are given to someone else. Am I a bad person? No I am not jealous. Its just that the things that I have wanted and wished for earnestly and sincerely for years are being given to someone else. And I remain empty… Can’t god see how hard I am toiling to get what I want? If he is then why is he ignoring me? He is giving things to other people easily who have not even toiled like I did. Then why me?


One thought on “I am a bit frustrated…

  1. I kind of understand how you feel and two weeks ago, that made me delete my FB, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus accounts. Social networking sites were changing my mood and how I felt about myself. I don’t know if that’s your case, but if it is, stay away from them. They really suck the life out of people. I hope that you feel better soon.


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