Obsession is bad. There was this guy who I used to talk to. I am basically polite by nature. So I used to talk to him politely. He used to text, I used to reply. I thought he was a decent guy. Few months back I was very busy with my work. So I could not reply to his texts. His attitude completely changed when I did not reply. He became dominating kind of, asking me to keep my attitude to myself blah blah….. This annoyed me. I decided not to communicate at all. I stopped talking. He kept on saying shit to me. He would verbally abuse me. I had to block him from Whatsapp and Facebook. He was very annoying. He kept sending me texts for like 3 4 months constantly, using cuss words and occasionally sweet words to lure me in into unblocking him. I told him very clearly that I was not interested in him. Which is why he reacted the way he did. Some men can’t take rejection at all I think. But that does not mean you force a person to do things he/she does not want to do. I felt like beating the shit out of him. But being civilized, avoided it. Work, parents, pervs… God…. so many things one has to manage….


15 thoughts on “Obsession…

  1. true love, sometimes, many times, is shaped by jealousy….obessions…possesiveness…its human nature…..i luv u. I want u so i think i’ll keep u…..see the drift. In the disordered mind, if 2 r connected, one may take that connection toooo seriously….(i’m thinking of another word, but drawing a blank).


  2. There is the guy who comes into the store regularly [obsessively] to harass me + others. Apparently he is disgruntled, yet very verbally abusive. Nothing good comes out of his mouth. He Is more verbally abusive than my brother-in-law who for more than 25 years treats me as a non-entity. Now I have to work with a deaf/dumb entitled man who has temper tantrums while on the clock. I work, no less, at WALMART.

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