Since childhood , I have felt multiple man eyes all over me. There has been not a single day that I have not been looked at in the wrong way. Used to it now, so not complaining. But why do they look? I mean each and every woman has got a boob and an ass. How does looking at each pair every-time a woman passes by does any good to them? Don’t they get tired of looking at multiple boobs every single day? Even I get tired of looking at handsome men…

And how is a woman supposed to stop these eye’s? All woman has boobs and ass, that can’t be helped. Should we all chop it off? Will that stop you pervs from ogling or making nasty comments? Image we all did chop our boobs off, then what… Well still we will be having our asses. Lets assume we chop that off too, and become a wooden plank. Yes, then it will stop probably… Or will any attraction towards woman even remain? You know breast ironing is practiced in some parts of the country called Cameroon, where boys and men think that girls whose breasts have begun to grow are ready for sex.

*applause* Wonderful mentality….


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