Types of guys you should avoid

I have met many people, some I have loved and some I have had nothing more than absolute disgust. So these are the types of guys who I feel are not good enough for any woman. Any.

  • A man threatened by an independent woman who has the fucking capability to pay her own bills.
  • A man who calls a woman a bitch. He is not a man at all.(If you don’t like a person, don’t talk about her. Why abuse her?)
  • A man who sugarcoats his words and lashes out as soon as you are trying to be honest with him. While you didn’t point out what you felt was wrong, he was fine. Now when you do point out, he isn’t fine.
  • A Casanova, skipping from one girl to the next.
  • A dishonest person. A man without the truth is not a man at all.

That’s all I can contribute. If you have anything else you can add. Actually this applies to females too, not just male…


Keeping up with the Kardashians


Okay, this post is only for those who follow the series Keeping up with the Kardashians. If you don’t follow it, don’t comment.

Now, Blac Chyna. She has forcibly made a place in the Kardashian clan. Many people are saying she is like a Kardashian, giving them the taste of their own medicine. I disagree. Blac Chyna can never be a Kardashian. Taking up a surname suddenly doesn’t make you one of the three ladies, THE Kardashians.

Regarding the Kardashians, yes they have not shot to fame in a very respectable way, specially Kim. But she transformed the negative aspects of her popularity to positive for herself with sheer hard work. Kim and Kris were the main leads in the making of the Kardashians. Khloè has a huge contribution for the success of the Dash store. I don’t know how much Kourtney’s contribution is. She was busy with Scott and children half of the time. Khloé dedication in building up the brand is visible. So is Kim’s and Kris’s. The Jenner sisters are no less. Specially Kendall. This girl is the most genuine in the clan. No plastic job, clear perspective and talks clearly. From a very young age she was attracted to modelling, and has worked hard for it. Kylie, yes she works her, but too much of unnatural beauty.

But how is Blac Chyna one of them? She just comes up, hooks up with Rob just to get the “Kardashian” attached to the end of her name. None of the K girls did such a thing. We have seen Kim being married to West as well as romancing her Australian bodyguard. She was never after any famous surnames. She is and was a brand in herself. Khloé even stalled her divorce with Lamar due to his health issues. The face of the Kardashians is undeniably Kim. And the brain is Kris. Chyna is nothing like them. She just wants to make a hell lot of money through this marriage.

Lets see what happens next. The show is gonna get interesting!!!

I think I should stop blogging….

I think I should stop blogging. The whole purpose of blogging is lost somewhere. Cause what I see as updates when I post, are just likes, and no comments. In many of my blogs I have asked multiple questions. The questions are there for a purpose. Its a small expectation from my part that my fellow blogger friends would read them and reply. Somehow that is not happening. Either my blogger friends do not have time to reply but have the time to read, or don’t consider to be important enough to reply, or just too lazy to reply, I don’t know… Its sad…

So I am rethinking my decision to blog….

Help needed…

I am kind of losing my patience. And I will go mad. I need to calm down. But don’t know how. I want to travel around the world. See all places. But the situation I am in doesn’t allow me to be the way I want to. Too much of responsibilities. Too much of restrictions. I am feeling frustrated now. Why can’t I live my dream? Everything I do, is judged. There has been so many times when I have explained myself to let things go and I have. But for how long????


I find it difficult to forgive people easily. Its not that I have not tried. I had initially forgiven them many a times, but somehow, the grudges keep cropping up like a pop-up window. Which is a proof of the fact that I have still not been able to forgive. I am more of a seeking revenge sort of a person. If people have done wrong to me, they should be punished. If they are not, it will annoy me forever… I still don’t know what should I do to let go of by grudges. It is taking a toll on my regular life. I am so rude because of this…

Am I a very bad person???



There is a movie that I watched recently called Queen. It’s a Bollywood movie. You will need subtitles to understand it. It is beautiful! I watch movies from different countries. And I loved this one. This is not like the usual Bollywood movies. Download it and watch it. And do tell me how was it. I found it so inspiring and beautiful. This link has the subtitled version of the movie. I downloaded it via magnet link. Do watch it. I hope you will love it 🙂